Hele Dry Bag

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This is the perfect beach bag for all your ocean and outdoor adventures! The Hele Dry Bag is a great way to carry essentials and keep them dry for those days at the beach, paddling to the Mokes or just hiking in the rain. Pack a towel, extra shorts, shirt, hat and all your essentials like wallet, keys, phone etc.  


  • Buckle Clasp - for easy open/close 
  • Double Shoulder Straps - wear it back-pack style or remove one strap to carry as a sling-style bag
  • Double Layered 500D PVC Tarpaulin for ultimate durability 
  • Semi-Rigid Closure Lip for simple 2 fold protection (Most non-rigid lips require at least 3 folds) 
  • 10L (2.5 Gallon volume
  • Dimensions: 11" Wide x 21" Tall, with a 6.5" Diameter Bottom