Evolution Speed Rope

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Constructed with plastic bushings, plastic eyelets, and durable plastic handles, the Evolution Speed Rope offers lightweight anchors appropriate for athletes of any skill level.

Designed with a co-moulded steel rod in the handles and a thick plastic coating around the cable, these jump ropes are durable enough to withstand heavy use when stored and used properly. Featuring the heaviest cable we offer, this speed rope will allow athletes to feel where the rope is in space while they’re learning to jump rope, making practising these skills both fun and effective.

Adjustable to any height, these are the perfect solution for both the individual athlete and gym owner looking to add a cost effective and versatile conditioning tool to their space. Using a simple turn screw collar design, these speed ropes can be easily adjusted any time you need a little bit more, or a little bit less, rope clearance.Various handle colours offered for affiliates looking to distinguish different length jump ropes for athletes to choose from.