AssaultBike Elite

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AssaultBike Elite was designed with interval training and extreme comfort and durability in mind. Engineered with upgrades all around, the Elite intensifies resistance when speed is increased, and also provides the option for upper and lower body isolation. This new bike even comes equipped with the ability to pedal both forward or backward for complete workout variation.   

This beefed up adaptation of the classic AssaultBike is equivalent to having your gym’s professional-grade fan bike transported to your home, office, garage, etc.

Along with a bulkier steel frame, solid steel cranks and aluminum seat post, the AssaultBike Elite also has improved corrosion resistance, a bigger, more comfortable seat, and a larger and clearer LCD display with Comp Mode and Bluetooth connectivity.


Weight: 138.89 lb / 63 kg

Length: 55.08 in / 139.90 cm

Width: 26.26 in / 66.70 cm

Height: 55 in / 139.70 cm

Assembly is required to set-up the Bike, but all necessary tools and hardware are included standard with your order, along with easy step-by-step guidelines.