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Bumper Plate Stack - Color Plates (370lb)

Regular price $890.00

In this Color Bumper Stack you will receive a pair of 10s, 15, 25s, 35s, 45s, and 55s for a grand total of 370 lbs.

Hele Bumpers are available in pairs or as sets. Fully equip a new garage gym or save money supplying a school weight room or large training facility. If you’re looking for plates that will be reliable workhorses at a reasonable price, these plates will not disappoint.

Hele Bumper Plates have an IWF standard 450MM diameter (10LB Plate is 446MM), minimal surface imperfections, and a weight within 1% of its target. Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber, our plates offer a minimum bounce and durability rarely seen.

Plate Breakdown:
10LB (Black): 0.83" width
15LB (Black): 1.04"
25LB (Green): 1.75"
35LB (Yellow): 2.5"
45LB (Blue): 2.8"
55LB (Red): 3.25"

Durometor: 88