Crumb Bumper Plates

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HELE Crumb bumper plates offer protection for both the bar and the floor you are lifting from. These bumpers were made to last!  Quality does not have to come with a huge price tag. The plates are IWF standard 450mm in diameter.

  • Sold as pair
  • This set can only be used with 2-inch bars. 
  • Color lettering for easy identification.
  • Hele Crumb has an additional amount of rubber offering less bouncing rate and still can be used in any surface. 

Sold in Pairs, quantity in Shopping Cart of 1 represents 1 Pair of Plates.

Plate Type Multipurpose
Diameter 450MM
Durometer 80
10LB Plate Width 1.37"
15LB Plate Width 1.87"
25LB Plate Width 2.25"
35LB Plate Width 3.12"
45LB Plate Width 3.75"